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The Law Office of Paul DePetris provides legal services to individuals and businesses in New Jersey Law Division Cases, New Jersey Chancery Division Cases, New Jersey Special Civil Part Cases and New Jersey Small Claims Cases and New Jersey appeals to law firms in New Jersey Civil Cases and New Jersey appeals.

From helping pro se parties to handle their own New Jersey cases and New Jersey appeals, to representing individuals and businesses who are suing others in New Jersey lawsuits, to defending individuals and businesses facing New Jersey lawsuits, to providing New Jersey per diem legal services to New Jersey law firms in New Jersey Appeals and New Jersey Law Division, New Jersey Chancery Division and New Jersey Special Civil cases, the Firm provides flexible services for New Jersey cases.

Handling your New Jersey case or New Jersey appeal wrong from the beginning may only cost you more money and time in the end!! Do it right the first time by seeking legal advice from a competent New Jersey civil litigation and New Jersey appellate lawyer.

Having mechanical problems with a New Jersey lemon car, New Jersey lemon truck, New Jersey lemon motorcycle, New Jersey lemon wheelchair, New Jersey lemon mobile home, New Jersey lemon recreational vehicle, New Jersey defective boat or other product?

Did you have a New Jersey builder, New Jersey company or New Jersey dealer repair a New Jersey home or New Jersey vehicle or other product many times and the home, vehicle or other product is still showing defects or still isn’t working right?

Did someone make misrepresentations to you regarding a New Jersey home sale, New Jersey car, New Jersey truck, New Jersey SUV, New Jersey recreational vehicle, New Jersey motorcycle, New Jersey boat, New Jersey wheelchair or other New Jersey product or service?

Do you have a New Jersey home that has been nothing but problems since it was built or sold to you or did someone make misrepresentations to you regarding the home?

Are you a victim of defective New Jersey home repairs, New Jersey home repair fraud or New Jersey home renovation fraud or New Jersey home inspection fraud?

Are you having a problem with getting a company to honor its promises to you?

Is your business the victim of New Jersey consumer fraud, New Jersey breach of contract, New Jersey breach of warranty or are you or your business defending one of those New Jersey claims?

If any of the above situations describe what you are going through, you may be entitled to a refund or money damages. There are a variety of State and Federal laws that provide relief to victimized New Jersey consumers and New Jersey businesses. In many cases, the laws allow you recover your attorney’s fees from the wrongdoer. The Law Office of Paul DePetris prosecutes and defends the following types of New Jersey cases: New Jersey lemon law, New Jersey consumer fraud, New Jersey breach of warranty, New Jersey breach of contract, New Jersey sale and repair disputes involving cars, motorcycles, mobile homes, travel trailers, boats and other products, New Jersey home sales fraud, New Jersey home repair fraud and other types of New Jersey consumer and New Jersey commercial disputes. The Firm represents consumers and businesses and provides per diem services to New Jersey law firms.

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