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The Law Office of Paul DePetris acts as a New Jersey per diem lawyer and paid consultant to other law firms handling a variety of New Jersey civil cases and provides New Jersey per diem attorney services to several law firms.

• Have a New Jersey civil case and need help with procedural or substantive issues?
• Want to service one of your clients but your knowledge of an area of civil law is limited?
• Need to talk to an attorney about a possible contract, consumer, commercial or warranty case?
• Having trouble reaching court deadlines but don’t want to incur the expense of a full time associate?
• Letting billable hours go because you just don’t have time to give a file the attention it needs?
• Need help drafting demand packages, pleadings or discovery demands in a New Jersey civil case?
• Neglecting certain files in your office because you aren’t interested in the drudgery required by those files or by those areas of law involved?
• Are clients upset with the lack of attention that the firm is giving their files?
• Tired of spending time working on a particular file?
• Need briefs written?
• Need to take a New Jersey appeal of a trial court decision?
• Need a complaint prepared on a complex case?
• Under deadlines to complete discovery?

Using a New Jersey per diem lawyer is a good way to provide attention to New Jersey files that are in need of attention and may allow you to increase your billing without the overhead of more full time staff or time spent delegating and overseeing staff.

New Jersey per diem attorney services have many advantages over the hiring of new staff, including:

• No time spent training
• No benefits to pay
• Having the work product drafted by someone who regularly performs the task and who is able to devote their attention to the task
• Getting goodwill and glory for yourself without having to spend countless hours in mind numbing paperwork
• Paying only for the services you need when you need them

Many firms that use Paul DePetris’ New Jersey per diem attorney services don’t routinely perform New Jersey civil litigation or aNew Jersey ppellate work and yet want to keep clients who need that work performed “in house”. New Jersey per diem attorney services are a good way to achieve this goal without neglecting files that might otherwise prove a distraction from the firm’s primary practice areas. As an experienced New Jersey per diem lawyer, Mr. DePetris understands cost concerns in contingent and small dollar files.

By using Mr. DePetris as your New Jersey per diem attorney, you can let an experienced attorney handle the drudgery of preparing New Jersey complaints, New Jersey answers, New Jersey third party complaints, New Jersey discovery demands, New Jersey discovery responses, New Jersey motions to dismiss, New Jersey motions for summary judgment, New Jersey motions for a more definite statement and the like. Why pay a salaried employee when you can have an experienced New Jersey per diem lawyer provide you with the New Jersey per diem legal services that you need only when you need them? Instead of training a new associate or delegating a task to a staff member when you don’t know if they can handle it, let Mr. DePetris provide you with New Jersey per diem attorney services. Mr. DePetris is flexible with his billing for New Jersey per diem attorney services, providing reasonable hourly rates and in many situations, flat fee task based billing.

Over the years, Mr. DePetris has provided New Jersey per diem attorney services to over 25 law firms. Mr. DePetris has provided New Jersey per diem attorney services to law firms in New York City and Atlantic, Bergen, Burlington, Camden, Gloucester, Hudson, Mercer, Middlesex, Morris, Philadelphia and Salem counties.

Paul DePetris has:

• Written New Jersey appellate briefs for many law firms on a wide variety of substantive and procedural issues.
• Written over 15 New Jersey appeal briefs.
• Helped law firms prosecute and defend New Jersey appeals.
• Helped law firms oppose New Jersey Appeal motions filed in New Jersey appellate courts.
• Counseled law firms on the details of New Jersey appellate practice.
• Helped overturn New Jersey trial court decisions through New Jersey appeals.
• Helped defeat New Jersey appeals
• Helped law firms prosecute New Jersey appeals and defend New Jersey appeals.

Mr. DePetris has extensive New Jersey civil litigation writing experience, which includes drafting hundreds of New Jersey legal memoranda and New Jersey trial court and New Jersey appellate briefs on the following subjects:

abuse of process emancipation of minors Reconsideration
actions in lieu of prerogative writs employment agreements relief from judgment
adverse possession equitable distribution special civil part
Agency equitable fraud spousal support
arbitration agreements equitable relief and remedies statute of limitations
attorney ethics estate disputes statute of repose
automotive personal injury expert testimony storage agreements
automotive warranty express warranties title issues
automotive fraud family law theft of goods and services
Bailments fraudulent transfers title 59
boat warranty disputes frivolous sanctions truth in consumer contract, warranty and notice act
boat sale fraud home improvement fraud undue influence
boundary disputes implied warranties uniform commercial code
breach of peace insurance disputes unjust enrichment
breach of contract legal fraud verbal threshold
breach of warranty lemon law – new and used cars vicarious liability
changed circumstances lepis applications warranty disputes
civil appeals licensed professionals will interpretation
child support limitations of liability clauses wrongful repossession
commercial breach of contract magnuson moss warranty act zoning disputes
commercial breach of warranty malicious prosecution ejectment actions
common law fraud name changes landlord tenant
constitutional law negligent misrepresentation
construction law municipal court appeals
construction liens municipal ordinance challenges
consumer fraud act negotiable instruments
consumer law odometer fraud
corporate veil piercing takings
covenant of good faith and fair dealing premises liability personal injury
coverage disputes plain language act/law
creditor’s rights professional liability
debtor’s rights professional malpractice
declaratory judgment actions property damage
default judgment quantum meruit
discovery disputes quasi contract
Disgorgement real estate sale fraud

Yes. Paul DePetris has performed the following tasks:
• handled New Jersey cases for plaintiffs and defendants across New Jersey, from Bergen County New Jersey to Cumberland County New Jersey, including representations of individuals, small businesses and large corporations.
• settled New Jersey cases for plaintiffs and defendants across New Jersey.
• reviewed many New Jersey Court settlement agreements.
• enforced many New Jersey Court settlement agreements.
• provided New Jersey pro se plaintiffs and New Jersey pro se defendants with New Jersey Court legal advice and prepared New Jersey Court legal forms
• prepared and filed many New Jersey Court complaints
• tried New Jersey Court jury trials
• mediated many New Jersey cases
• argued New Jersey Court motions
• handled New Jersey Court proof hearings
• handled New Jersey Court post judgment collection proceedings

Mr. DePetris has appeared before the Superior Court of New Jersey in the following counties:
• Atlantic County New Jersey Court
• Bergen County New Jersey Court
• Burlington County New Jersey Court
• Camden County New Jersey Court
• Cape May County New Jersey Court
• Cumberland County New Jersey Court
• Essex County New Jersey Court
• Gloucester County New Jersey Court
• Hudson County New Jersey Court
• Mercer County New Jersey Court
• Middlesex County New Jersey Court
• Monmouth County New Jersey Court
• Morris County New Jersey Court
• Ocean County New Jersey Court
• Passaic County New Jersey Court
• Salem County New Jersey Court
• Somerset County New Jersey Court
• Sussex County New Jersey Court
• Union County New Jersey Court
• Warren County New Jersey Court

Many of these appearances were as a New Jersey per diem attorney. Mr. DePetris has also appeared in the following federal courts on New Jersey per diem attorney appearances - the District of New Jersey in Camden, Trenton and Newark and in the Eastern District of Pennsylvania.

Mr. DePetris is also the author of the following publications: New Jersey Consumer Fraud Act & Forms (New Jersey Law Journal Books); Learned Professionals, Licensed Semiprofessionals and the Consumer Fraud Act: The Origins of the Licensed Professionals’ Doctrine (New Jersey Lawyer, Oct. 2008); and Liability For Consumer Fraud In Real Estate Transactions (New Jersey Law Journal, March 18, 2009). Mr. DePetris also gives seminars on the New Jersey Consumer Fraud Act.
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